I can thank my brother for the beginning of my photography “career.” Throughout a good portion of our adult lives, I have been the fortunate recipient of his “hand-me-downs” when he has decided to upgrade to his next “latest-and-greatest.” A few years ago when he went down the “dSLR” road, and that first upgrade occurred, I found myself the proud owner of a Canon Rebel XT. I finally had a “real” camera; and lucky for me, my other career gave me ample opportunity to have fun and experiment with my new toy.

In my previous professional life, I used my child development PhD to run preschool education programs, which focus on helping at-risk preschoolers become ready for kindergarten. Through this work, I began capturing the many moments that occurred between the adults and young children working together. The parents, teachers, and students who were involved with my programs really responded to the stories that were being told through the photographs. Soon, I had people asking if I could take family photos, senior photos, event photos.

Those experiences really influenced how I approach my work as a portrait and event photographer. My style focuses on capturing visual narratives, candid moments, and the personalities of the people in my images. I enjoy taking pictures that capture emotion, connection, and relationships - creating dynamic images that tell a story.